Saturday, June 12, 2010

We finished Day 5 in Mitchell, OR. Day 6 we rode 81 miles to Prairie City and on Day 7 we rode 83 miles to Baker City. Day 7, Friday, we rode 56 miles to Oxbow. The views are spectacular and we have experienced every season under the sun! We have been rained on, sleeted on, experienced icy cold conditions and, when in the sun, some extreme heat. There are times when we are going from sun to shade that we experience about a 10 degree drop in temperature!! The wildlife, especially the elk, are fun to watch.

I have some awesome videos and pictures but no way to post them yet. So stay tuned because when I am able, I want to share them with you all!!

Today is Saturday, June 12, our first real day of rest since our journey began. I am doing very well and feel very confident! Tomorrow we will be in Idaho as the journey continues!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Journey Has Begun!

We started our trip across the United States by dipping our tires in the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City, Oregon. Day 1 we rode 78 miles to Salem. It felt good to have the first day under my belt and I did surprisingly well! Day 2 was a 73 mile ride to Coburg, OR. Day 3 we rode to the base of McKenzie pass--about a 60 mile ride. Day 4 was supposed to be a trip over this pass but it was snowed in so our alternate route took us over Suntaim pass--a very beautiful and scenic ride, but all uphill!! We rode a total of 80 miles on Day 4, stopping in Redmond. Day 5 will take us through Pineville and will include about a 70 mile ride with a 2000 ft climb! I have discovered that riding in Texas just can't prepare you for the kinds of elevation changes we are experiencing in the Casscade Mountains of Oregon--but I am learning to cope and do just fine!! I'm learning that the important virtues of patience, passion and persistence will give me the strength each day to make the journey! These are the same virtues that gave me the strength to fight my cancer! I am truly blessed!!

(Posted 6/9/2010)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A balanced life

A thought I try to abide by:

A balanced life involves living simply, pursuing passion, doing good, and loving much.

I leave for the airport in a couple of hours. I ride the 4th. I anticipate two months of living simply, pursuing passion, doing good, and loving much.