Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kema and the Space City ride

The Space City ride made for a good time. As things worked out, I met a buddy in Kema who was riding with his wife. I got to their house about 6:30 am, and we left just shy of 8:00. We hadn't seen each other in a while so it was good to catch up and slowly get ready for the ride. The weather was so good we road from their front door to the start and added about 15 miles each way to the ride.

It seemed to go unsaid that we were not going to push the pace or even worry about speed. I stopped and took a couple of pictures. Now that I think of it, they were taken from the parking lot of a kalache shop and the front of a coffee house. It was a day of little concern and steady miles. Not exactly training, I suppose, but 65 miles is 65 miles and, at this point, I'm after time in the saddle.

I got home in time to start paitning the upstairs bedroom. A project which took a bit longer than anticipated. In fact, it cut into a lot of after work riding time this week. Either way, it's good to start getting some of the projects around the house done before the Trans Am ride.

With the trip planned and details in order, the focus, for this month, is long miles and time in the saddle.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Donate to Cancare:


In a few days I will send an email to my coworkers explaining my intentions to ride a bike across the United States. I have been reluctant to make this announcement, in fact, I have told few people about my intentions. I have been reluctant partially because it is surprisingly easy to write in a blog about such a trip. There is no possibility for ridicule and the vulnerability from potential failure is lessoned as there is no interaction with others. The blog has, in affect, offered a haven.

If I opted to remain in this "secure" haven, I would make my close friends and family aware of the trip, and then roll down the road. If I kept the trip to myself, however, there would not be funds raised for www.cancare.org. In addition, I would suppress an opportunity to express gratitude for a return to health and a life of hope. In fact, in many ways, not making an announcement is an indicator of a lack of full commitment. Part of pursuing any significant goal, I am learning, is directly confronting potential failure. It is through this confrontation that a strength and resolve is derived. A strength which is acquired only through a public announcement that I will be riding my bike across the United States.

If you are so inclined to donate to Cancare, please do so at the link above. All money will go directly to Cancare and a receipt will be mailed to you. No money goes to my trip as I don't think it is right that others work so I can ride.

Space City ride

I went to the www.bikebarn.com ride calendar and found the Space City ride tomorrow. After spending so much time fighting the Houston traffic trying to get long miles in, I finally relented, and signed up. I really hate throwing my bike in a car to go ride. But, it is what it is and tomorrow should be beautiful! The bike is already loaded in the truck, all I need to do is jump out of bed at 5:30 in the morning, snag a Starbucks, and hit the road.

I'm looking forward to a great day. A little time to ride, breath deep, and enjoy uninterrupted time on the bike. Maybe it will even turn into a century ride. Either way, I need to hustle as real life waits in the form of a paint brush and bucket of primer. Time on the bike, time working around the house, and time with my wife. That's a good weekend indeed!