Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Half way home

Needless to say, the blogging has not worked out as anticipated. Every attempt to write has been thwarted by either lack of internet access, remote locations, or just long days spent in the saddle with free time spent finding food and shelter for the evening. With this in mind, I have established a routine of using good old fashioned pen and paper to chronicle memories. Combining this with pictures, I look forward to piecing together the trip to the blog in a couple of weeks.

With limited time to write before we, once again, hit the road, I can say this trip, thus far, has been both exceptional and extraordinary. I am in the midst of an adventure of a lifetime! This awareness enhances the experience allowing me to further appreciate ever changing surroundings.

I currently write from Kansas. We have ridden though Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, (including Yellowstone and the Tetons), Montana, and Colorado. Heat, snow, rain, sleet and wind are all part of the day. Elements of the outdoors have proven to enhance the experience as the environment is ever changing and never controlled. Within this environment I have ridden past buffalo close enough to feel their stare. I have awakened at night to a growling pack of wolves, 75 yards away, attacking something weak or establishing command. I have been sore, tired hungry, and elated. Magnified emotions are par for the course. I have never, however, let go of the thought that a short while ago this might have never been. It goes without saying cancer is a nasty thing. The opportunity to ride across our breathtaking country is in stark contrast to the sterile and confining walls of a hospital. Although the contrast in experiences is, at times, overwhelming, I am thankful to see what this country is all about. I am learning that I am proud of my country! We are, indeed, a good people. I look forward to sharing.