Saturday, January 1, 2011


We rode into Pacific time last night. It was pretty cool to ride your bike far enough to gain an hour. We camped in a little town called Oxbow. It's amazing how the steady flow of a river makes a person sleep well.

Even after a good nights sleep I didn't feel like riding this morning. I was both lethargic and unmotivated. It took a while to get my motor going especially with the initial climb. After a couple of hours I felt good. We rounded a corner with a river on the left and sheer cliffs on the right which hid the sun which dropped the temperature 10 degrees. Movement forced me to look up at the overhanging cliffs as I spotted four mountain goats looking down. As we continued into Idaho the climate changed to hot, dry, and windy. Gearing was tough as the terrain turned to rolling climb after rolling climb.

A volunteer fireman was nice enough to offer a lift to the local corner store. Later, I slept by a park bench after a killer dinner of a heated burrito, milk, Gatorade, frozen snickers, and Corona. Yes, my gut rumbled pretty good that night!

Another good day.

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