Saturday, January 1, 2011


We rode from Lowell to Powell today. The river was beautiful as we followed it, like yesterday, for the remainder of the day. The higher we climbed the more rapid it began to flow. The pine trees disappeared as the mountains rose so sharp left and right that cloud cover capped and enclosed my world. There was a steady 1-2 degree grade for 61 miles that added steady pressure to my legs. Cold, rain, and flat tires were the norm for the day.

I'm simply amazed how things work out. Today was filled with cold, rain, and struggle. Yet, it ended with a bed, a log cabin, and a central wood burning stove. I couldn't feel my feet the entire day. My hands were in the same state. My body is now warm. A warmth enhanced from recently knowing cold. Suddenly, my only concern is the number of logs in the stove.

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