Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well, another day. The morning was rough!!!!! We left White Bird, Idaho (pop.106). Talk about depressing. The mountains were so close, so all encompassing, and the clouds so dark and heavy, I couldn't wait to leave. In order to do so, we climbed, and climbed, and climbed up a 12 mile 8 degree grade. My right thigh was tight and the back of my left knee hurt. But, my pace was steady, morning aches wore off, and, as usual, it turned to another beautiful day.

As we crested the peak leaving White Byrd, a Subaru apparently missed a corner and slammed into the corner of the cliff. There was steam and fluids flowing from the engine. As we helped the driver out of the car, others stopped and offered assistance. Knowing she was in good hands, we rolled on. The accident reminded me, once again, of the fragility of life. A fragility, at least for a while, I was able to forget.

The rest of the day we rode along the Snake River. Pleasant, exceptionally smooth and pleasant riding, marked the remainder of the day. I write from the porch of a rafting lodge just feet from the rushing Snake River. I can't help but watch its timeless movement, hear its fury, and feel the deep rumble of power. My life is feeling simple. I wake, I ride, I eat. Like the river, my days are both natural and timeless. I never thought I'd find such peace sleeping on the porch of a cabin.

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